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Welcome to the Christodoulakis Family Website!


This website hosted to provide information and news about the Christodoulakis Family.


This latest version is still under construction and many updates are being made. Come back frequewntly as new content will pop up from time to time.

Of Special Interest...

While working on the pages, I would like to take the opportuntiy to dirrect you to some important information.

As you may know, we lost my mother last year rather quickly and by surprise to Cancer.  We can't describe our feelings as we are still trying to make sense of things.

Our wish is that no one else would have to suffer a loss to Cancer so we decided to try to make a difference.

On September 11, 2010, we'll be participating in a very special event called Shoppers Drug Mart® Weekend to End Women's CancersTM benefiting The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess Margaret.

We are walking in memory of my mother Elli Christodoulakis.

We'll walk approximately 32 kilometres in one day with thousands of other women and men.  The proceeds will support breast and gynecologic cancers research, treatment, and services.

We've committed to raising at least $4000, but we've set our team goal at $6400.  So we need your help.  Please help us by making a donation.   Use the links at the bottom of this email to visit our sites and make an online donation to support us.  Please keep in mind how far we’re walking - and how hard we'll have to train.  Please split your contribution amount between the both of us to ensure we raise enough funds to participate in the walk.

According to the National Cancer Institute of Canada, approximately 20,500 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year, and about 5,400 will die from the disease.  Additionally, over 8,000 Canadian women will be diagnosed with ovarian, cervical, or uterine cancer this year, and nearly 3,000 will die from one of these diseases.

That's why we’re walking so far.  To do something bold about all women's cancers.  We hope that you'll share this incredible adventure with us - by supporting us in our fundraising efforts.

This Weekend give the gift of a LIFETIME.

Please help us by donating so that one day, maybe no one will lose a battle with cancer.  Every step and every dollar counts.

Please give generously and forward this email to anyone you think might be interested in making a donation.

Thank you.

Bobby Christodoulakis                                               Christine Christodoulakis
Participant ID: 551232-6                                            Participant ID: 551238-2